Find the mythical Tunche

Our next game for PC and consoles.

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We make games

LEAP Game Studios is a videogame development company. We focus on creating fun and engaging experiences for different platforms and users.

Play our Games

Tap all the squares!

We released Squares for the PS Vita worldwide.

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Original games

We develop original games based on our own IP's and concepts, like tapping squares or slicing food-inspired enemies. See for yourself.


We develop games for our client's IPs with the same love and passion as if they were ours. If you want to know more, let's talk.


We take some time to make experiments and prototypes of new kinds of play and gameful experiences. Welcome to our lab.

What we believe

Games are for everyone. They are a way to entertain and create new experiences that combine art and technology for different audiences. We are excited to be part of an industry that is still exploring its limits and challenges itself everyday. That's why we make games.

We focus on creating fun, engaging and polished experiences for different platforms and users. We develop games for mobile devices, the web and consoles, using Haxe, Unity and Adobe Air. We support our local IGDA chapter and attend multiple game events around the World during the year.

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  • Slice and Rise

    Cut your way to the top!

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  • Squares

    Tap. Double Tap. Slice. Repeat.

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  • NEPTR out of CTRL

    Help Finn save the day!

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  • La mordida

    A newsgame about a bite of Luis Suarez

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They trust us.

We love to work with partners from around the World who share our passion to make great games.